I am Shengkun Zhu, a first-year Ph. D student at Wuhan University, under the supervision of Prof. Sheng Wang, in the Totem database Lab. I completed my B.S in Dalian University of Technology in 2018. My current research interests are in convex/nonconvex optimization, federated and fair clustering/learning.


  • [Sep 2023] I finally finished my homepage.
  • [Apr 2023] I got one paper accepted by SIGMOD’24.


Shengkun Zhu, Quanqing Xu, Jinshan Zeng, Sheng Wang*, Yuan Sun, Zhifeng Yang, Chuanhui Yang, Zhiyong Peng, F3KM: Federated, Fair, and Fast K-means, 2024 ACM Conference on Management of Data, (SIGMOD’24).


My lovely cat, namely, Kurdyka Łojasiewicz Geometry. When he was still a little baby, his face was quite pointed, but now it has become chubby.